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2020 Formula 1™
Vietnam Grand Prix
Hanoi Street Circuit - Hanoi
10-12 April 2020
 Length: 5.565km

Lap Record:

Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Premium Grandstand
 Weekend Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Diamond Suite5,714*
 Weekend Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Platinum Suite4,312*
 Sunday Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Platinum Suite3,450*
 Saturday Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Platinum Suite2,588*
 Friday Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Platinum Suite1,725*
 Weekend Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Premium Grandstand538*
 Sunday Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Premium Grandstand431*
 Saturday Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Premium Grandstand323*
 Friday Ha Long (Turns 2,3,4) Premium Grandstand215*
Hai Phong (Turn 1) Premium Grandstand
 Weekend Hai Phong (Turn 1) Platinum Suite4,312*
 Sunday Hai Phong (Turn 1) Platinum Suite3,450*
 Saturday Hai Phong (Turn 1) Platinum Suite2,588*
 Friday Hai Phong (Turn 1) Platinum Suite1,725*
 Weekend Hai Phong (Turn 1) Premium Grandstand538*
 Sunday Hai Phong (Turn 1) Premium Grandstand431*
 Saturday Hai Phong (Turn 1) Premium Grandstand215*
 Friday Hai Phong (Turn 1) Premium Grandstand215*
Thang Long (Main) Premium Grandstand
 Weekend Thang Long (Main) Platinum Suite4,312*
 Sunday Thang Long (Main) Platinum Suite3,450*
 Saturday Thang Long (Main) Platinum Suite2,588*
 Friday Thang Long (Main) Platinum Suite1,725*
 Weekend Thang Long (Main) Silver (Pole Position) Club1,529*
 Weekend Thang Long (Main) Starting Grid Premium Grandstand538*
 Friday Thang Long (Main) Starting Grid Premium Grandstand431*
 Wednesday Thang Long (Main) Starting Grid Premium Grandstand323*
 Sunday Thang Long (Main) Starting Grid Premium Grandstand215*
Ca Mau (Turn 22) Grandstand
 Weekend Ca Mau (Turn 22) Grandstand230*
 Sunday Ca Mau (Turn 22) Grandstand184*
 Saturday Ca Mau (Turn 22) Grandstand138*
 Friday Ca Mau (Turn 22) Grandstand92*
Can Tho (Turn 13) Grandstand
 Weekend Can Tho (Turn 13) Gold Lounge2,921*
 Sunday Can Tho (Turn 13) Gold Lounge2,337*
 Saturday Can Tho (Turn 13) Gold Lounge1,753*
 Weekend Can Tho (Turn 13) Silver Club1,529*
 Friday Can Tho (Turn 13) Gold Lounge1,169*
 Weekend Can Tho (Turn 13) Grandstand230*
 Sunday Can Tho (Turn 13) Grandstand184*
 Saturday Can Tho (Turn 13) Grandstand138*
 Friday Can Tho (Turn 13) Grandstand92*
Da Nang (Turn 10.5) Grandstand
 Weekend Da Nang (Turn 10.5) Grandstand230*
 Sunday Da Nang (Turn 10.5) Grandstand184*
 Saturday Da Nang (Turn 10.5) Grandstand138*
 Friday Da Nang (Turn 10.5) Grandstand92*
Sai Gon (Turn 12) Grandstand
 Weekend Sai Gon (Turn 12) Gold Lounge2,921*
 Sunday Sai Gon (Turn 12) Gold Lounge2,337*
 Saturday Sai Gon (Turn 12) Gold Lounge1,753*
 Weekend Sai Gon (Turn 12) Silver Club1,529*
 Friday Sai Gon (Turn 12) Gold Lounge1,169*
 Weekend Sai Gon (Turn 12) Grandstand383*
 Sunday Sai Gon (Turn 12) Grandstand307*
 Saturday Sai Gon (Turn 12) Grandstand230*
 Friday Sai Gon (Turn 12) Grandstand153*
Nha Trang (Turn 11) Grandstand
 Weekend Nha Trang (Turn 11) Gold Lounge2,921*
 Sunday Nha Trang (Turn 11) Gold Lounge2,337*
 Saturday Nha Trang (Turn 11) Gold Lounge1,753*
 Friday Nha Trang (Turn 11) Gold Lounge1,169*
 Weekend Nha Trang (Turn 11) Grandstand383*
 Sunday Nha Trang (Turn 11) Grandstand307*
 Saturday Nha Trang (Turn 11) Grandstand230*
 Friday Nha Trang (Turn 11) Grandstand153*
Hue (Turns 7,8) Grandstand
 Weekend Hue (Turns 7,8) Gold Lounge2,921*
 Sunday Hue (Turns 7,8) Gold Lounge2,337*
 Saturday Hue (Turns 7,8) Gold Lounge1,753*
 Weekend Hue (Turns 7,8) Silver Club1,529*
 Friday Hue (Turns 7,8) Gold Lounge1,169*
 Weekend Hue (Turns 7,8) Grandstand383*
 Sunday Hue (Turns 7,8) Grandstand307*
 Saturday Hue (Turns 7,8) Grandstand230*
 Friday Hue (Turns 7,8) Grandstand153*
Grass General Admission
 Weekend Grass Premium Zone + GA153*
 Sunday Grass Premium Zone + GA123*
 Weekend Grass General Admission104*
 Saturday Grass Premium Zone + GA92*
 Friday Grass General Admission83*
 Wednesday Grass General Admission62*
 Friday Grass Premium Zone + GA62*
 Sunday Grass General Admission41*
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